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Call us for a consultation at 217-525-0808

All of our patients begin their relationship with Heartland Plastic Surgery Center with an in-person office consultation.  You can schedule this by calling us at (217) 525-0808.  We also recommend downloading our Intake Form before your consult. During your initial visit, we’ll talk with you about your concerns and goals, discuss what options would be appropriate for your specific situation, and determine if you are a good candidate for any procedure that you are considering. You will meet Dr. Russell and our staff, receive straight-forward, honest answers to all your questions and we’ll make sure you understand what to expect at each step along the way.

By the end of the visit, you’ll have all the information you need to be able to make an informed decision about your procedure. We’ll provide you with references and even refer you to other local surgeons if you’d like a second opinion. Our goal is to make sure that you make the choice right for you.

You will want to keep in mind insurance often does not cover costs associated with plastic surgery, especially when it is being sought for cosmetic, rather than reconstructive, purposes. We do our very best to keep this initial visit as affordable as possible. Please speak with our office about applicable rates when you call for an appointment.

Following your visit, when you are ready to move forward, your procedure will be scheduled. We do our best to accommodate your schedule and can often get you scheduled within just a couple of weeks.

Pre-care and after-care will be thoroughly reviewed with you prior to your procedure. If you have any questions at all, our staff is here to assist.

About Plastic Surgery Fees

 The cost of plastic surgery varies widely and depends on the complexity of the operation, where the surgery takes place, and which anesthetic is administered.  While some insurance plans may cover surgery considered medically necessary, plastic surgery is often considered “elective” and may not be covered by your plan.  If you bring your insurance card to your initial visit, our staff will be happy to contact your insurance carrier to determine your level of coverage.  Before you leave our office, we will fully review any costs and fees, and determine the portion for which you would be responsible. 

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